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Check it out! A interactive Flash tutorial!

Check it out! I have developed a Flash based interactive tutorial to help explain  basic operations and control structures. You can walk through code samples, one instruction at a time, and watch the effect of each instruction on variables, tests and output. Just click the link to try it out. You can also download and distribute it freely (just right click the link to save a copy to your local drive). Note that the application may not be changed, and copyright remains fully with the author. I intend to add and modify the tutorials as time permits Рthe link will always bring up the latest version.

I’d like to know what you think. Is this useful? Right now the code sample are generic, not language-specific I’m thinking of a feature that would let you see code in your language of choice, for example PHP or Java or C++ or whatever. What do you think?

, and also to allow users to choose between different programming languages when viewing the code samples.


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